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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Obligation of Soul!!

     Obligation of Soul !!!
Writing is an obligation for a conscious soul, words reflects the true color of a person. Thousands of different feelings, loads of thoughts and unresolved questions need some form to get out of mind. Then a black piece of meaningless paper comes to life, the words starts its journey love or hate depends on writer’s own fate. If the words the phrases the theme touches the mind of its reader they become literature they transforms into the very symbol of many hearts, if it fails to connect with anyone but the writer  the words is nothing but useless nonsense, useless mumbling of an idiot. Still those useless meaningless words is the reflection of a living breathing human being, and every one even the biggest idiot has at least one person who cares no matter what. That basic feeling worth writing, no single word is totally useless in this universe.
 'A pen is mightier than a sword'....everyone knows that pro verve but why it is so? It can’t kill a living thing nor can start a blood thirsty war, can it?? Of course it can. The words has the power to hurt a soul in so deep that a person can lose every drop of self-respect self esteem, or two countries can misunderstand one another and start a war, happened before.  But these are the power full words of very clever and influential writers, diplomats, critics. But what about the mumbling idiots, those who just write and write but no one cares, they don’t inspire or destroy   anyone, neither starts a war, not even paint a smile on a child’s face?

Still those words have power, constant failure of connect or express proper feeling and lots of negligence slowly kills the writer, fades the colors of the soul, they started to become invisible. But what it matters to anyone? No one cares about a failed person who can’t even write a phrase properly.

Still writing is an obligation of a conscious mind. Little meaningless words some useless mumblings, some messed up feelings, and hundreds of emotions on a piece of paper is a proof of the evolution of human mind and a little part of the man who left it behind in time and lost forever in this glorious time snatching ever flowing life.

Writer’s very existence depends on the reader’s feelings how the two of them can become one through some written words. Time don’t matter cultures don’t matters language even don’t stands between a reader and the writer when they both connects through the feelings, the theme, the subject how they both understands each other without knowing, creates a magic creates a classic literature, this magic make the writing an obligation a dream for any conscious mind.

The thirst of immortality among human fuels the mind to write, everyone wants to be remember by someone, by writing the feelings the thoughts the stories the characters all are the parts of the writer that lives forever in the form of words. And when someone cries or laughs or thinks on a writing the writers lives millions of moments he lives he cries he smiles he breaths through the reader’s soul.

The basic urge for writing something or anything makes human mind so colorful imaginative. Ideas, theories, facts, analysis, fiction, story whatever is the subject is makes a human mind superior. The dreams, new thinking all captured into a paper forever is extremely fascinating. The evolution of writers the growth of writing throughout the time we can see in literature in books in journals modern or past they all are a part of mind of the writer creating something new or reflecting something old in the reader’s mind.

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