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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Raging Fire!!!

The Raging Fire

The discovery of fire or finding out the use of fire was a whole new doorway for human beings, then the fire arms and bombs and nuclear bomb stuffs are came rushing into our lives and now global warming and unstable balance of nature is just bonus of having a brilliant mind and an opposable thumb. But I am not talking about the fire outside I am just not liking the fact that our minds are in fire, the society the politics the whole world is on fire, and being that hot is no way can be cool. Killing a person is now no matter it’s just happens, a stupid finger on a trigger bam!! A man loses his life; a family can lose a loved one but who cares. May be human never cared about the life that much, our long bloody history shows that clearly, we just  pretend to be peaceful, give a chance or a weapon or a stick or a mouth in some case, viola! The human being strikes and peace just left the building.

The news channels and papers, logically the events are making it hard to find proper sophisticated words to describe the fire everywhere, just spreading and spreading, and body counts doesn't matter. It is like a traumatic event surrounding us, and by it more psychopaths, sociopaths and raging hatred growing, and the so needed peace and wisdom nowhere to be found. It is like a horror novel unveiling itself, slowly and without any happy ending. The plots are getting deeper, characters are getting dark to darker, the fire is emerging and we are scared or just not able to feel anything.

Too much bad experience can make us numb and it like a training center of horrible experiences, we just had to be born here then the training began. Being aware of the global and social situation is a must, we should not ignore our responsibility to do something that we supposed to do with sane mind, say right or wrong, do wise efforts to make this ticking time bomb a safe place to live again.

But day to day life is getting harder, and living in denial is far more better option than screaming and kicking in front row of this chaos, but some people are doing it, they are using their fire to create something, like our ancestors used the very first fire for making life easier (I hope they did only that!) safe and to make a home, but fire is raging, and people are dying every day without any valid reason, and we are just watching on the TV and reading on the papers and then going back to our same old ignorant life. But how long we are safe from the fire? The next dead person can easily be any one of us, then we just be a side story of a daily newspaper and the politicians will play the old blame game, and all will be ignored like every day, our whole life will be nothing but few black dots on a blank page.

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