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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Future of our future!!

Future of our future!!

Every journey begins with lots of dreams, expectations and with a chance to start, to choose a road and start the journey. Most interesting part of a journey is the surprise the unexpected turns and twists in the road, we can prepare for something but can end up having completely different experience. To discover ourselves we all embarks on a journey knowingly or unknowingly which is living a full life, with lots of hope, surprises, choices, and unexpected turns and twist. Our parents can prepare for our journey ahead can protect us or guide us but journey should is ours to have. But some people never get the chance to have a full life with potential outcomes because without their full concern or even knowledge someone work as hand of god and decide the full road ahead, I am talking about child marriage, where a little girl and boy or a little girl with a full grown man bound together for rest of their lives by society or their parents, which kills the natural potential of someone’s life in the very beginning.

A child’s mind is full of promise and wonder, a child should learn play and have a healthy and normal childhood to be a full grown human or a good human who will give something to the society and have a great journey, but when a little girl get married in the age of innocence they just don’t lose their childhood but their innocence their life and even a chance to dream. Why look in the past and justify as a tradition this crime against humanity? Where I live, so many times I witnessed the teenage girls getting married without completing their education, without having a choice, many of them don’t want to do that but some of them don’t mind, but what can a immature mind can understand about the huge decision like marriage? It is not a small matter it is a life changing decision which only an adult person with life experience and knowledge can take about their own life in a proper time. But those who argue pathetically still supporting this  says, it’s the decision of the parents not the child’s to do what with the life or what not. Why we have parents, a child needs parents to live to protected by them they should act as guides and supporters and protectors not as dictators, society should not act as god and decide how a person will grow up to be, a child should be treated as a future citizen of a democratic free country and should have a full life ahead with freedom and dignity.

Marriage is a sacred relation between two people should be bounded by love, respect and trust, not by society money or power, a child can never understand the true meaning of marriage and child should not even know about them in that age, it is traumatizing and can affect them psychologically forever and they can never be the person they were born to be in this world.

Children are the future of this worlds, they are not commodities or personal properties of anyone, they should be nurtured, loved, guided to the right direction, they should learn and have a full imaginative childhood secure home to be a full grown healthy person. We all know what is right, but still we are witnessing crime against humanity every day, witnessing our future being corrupted by social norms and in the name of tradition. Children are the future, they should have a future of their own they should have their own journey on their own terms, may be guided by their elders but not dictated by anyone.

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