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Monday, August 26, 2013

No survivors??

 No survivors??

Victimization is a common error of a society, now a days girls are not safe anywhere, even not in homes because of domestic violence abuse and outside the incidents of rape is increasing disturbingly, and the girls who are coming forward and wanting justice the society is treating them as victims, but in the long run the women of my country after surviving a horrible incident or abuse been marked as victims but they should be known as survivors. After any accident or crime a man can easily start their life just with some trauma and physical indicators but a woman has to face a completely different outlook and attitude even in her own family, everyone just keep reminding her about the trauma in our society a man can destroy the whole life of a women just with one act because society gave him that power. The psychological change is happening but it is extremely slow and in a very small range, the large part of the society still treats a woman as a sin or a slave nothing more. Half of our country’s population (now less than half thanks to homicides of girl child) is still living in the shadows for them totally different kind of rules and they are always the victims, no one celebrates their survival but force them to live in guilt and trauma.

Most saddening thing is that the woman herself most of the time causes the distress of another women, mother aunties and other girl member of the family and society sometime find joy in discussing and criticizing other women in a different situation, a mother who gives birth how can love one child more than other just because of the gender difference, is that mentality programmed in the sub conscious mind of a large number of girl in their childhood?? What happened in the past, what the scholars of the past ordered or set rules for the women is still important? We don’t live according to the past do we? We live in houses with electricity gadgets and other new things, we can learn from past but why we let past dictate our future when we know that is wrong?

As a girl I also witnessed many prominent discrimination in the society, fortunately my home and my parents are logical caring and loving and they love me as their child, love me unconditionally without any reason or gender preferences, still even they could not spare me the bitter truth of this society and the discrimination of gender and how women are been treated according to the religious scriptures now transformed into social norms. Even some of my relatives showed this kind of feeling toward girls funny thing is many of them were women a mother but may be they were ashamed of their own existence may be something very evil and very old codes still set in their brain that making them act like that, they did not have child hood they had the girlhood they must have been programmed or trained to be a woman but not a complete human being.

For many years half the human species been living a half-life not living to the fool potential not having the same opportunities as the other halves, the full human evolution the full-fledged energy the wisdom the life all wasted just half of it been used because someone said so thousands of years ego and we are so obedient that still following those words without having a logical mind. So victimization is not what we are doing it is what we are victims of evil rituals and rules of the past but nor survivors because survivors adopts to the new situations, learn new things and be strong with time leave all weaknesses behind, but we are embracing our weakness and living as someone said we should but not as we could freely, so in a way we all are victims so we only know one thing victimizing others.

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