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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Conspiracy….!!!! Or just ignore it…!!!

Conspiracy….!!!! Or just ignore it…!!!

Conspiracy is a funny word and also very popular one, especially in this era. Some people tend to see conspiracy everywhere, hidden like layers after layers in this very society, people like that often known as paranoid, imaginative etc. etc. There are also people who can’t even recognize a real conspiracy even when standing in the middle of it. Standing in the eye of the storm and thinking “what a beautiful day..!!”, those people known as ignorant. But conspiracy is not a plot or imagination it has been a way of living for us, we the people, human beings, always trying to control everything around us. But not all of us have that kind of power to create a big conspiracy with multiple layers, but we all have our hidden agendas, and we try to hide that as much as we can. But there are people that don’t need to hide their agendas they can control the means and result by a series of events that may seem unconnected, random but actually like a spider web, a tiny vibration in any end & the spider will have its pray. It seems scary to think we are a part of a conspiracy or part of more than one, just pawns in a big game without even realizing it, having string attached and a hidden puppeteer or more than one. Or may be random is just random, no hidden picture no layers no conspiracy at all.

But wishful thinking is a curse, looking at an event and trying to see the dominoes effect just speculating what this single event can achieve in a long run, why this happened? Do anything happen just for the sake of the happening? May be not, there is always a reason, a plot a story behind every word people speak, people do in every action there is thousands probable reaction but there are people who can control the probability, manipulating little things without being noticed, people tend to see a parade with more attention than a man walking alone. A good conspiracy is never obvious never reveal its patterns easily but one can see if they know where to look. 

It is fun to analyze an event, speculating the next move the next result, connecting the dots that look so random. It is not a matter of be clear or be simple, everything is simple, just simplicity is complex. Why someone saying that thing? What is his hidden agenda? I have many hidden agendas, so other people must have that too, so what to trust? Be suspicious is not something I would recommend it is bad for sleeping. But trusting?? Is that good for health?? I don’ know, may be ignorance is bliss after all. But chess is an interesting game, some people use real life to create a good game, it is better not to become someone else’s pawn, it is little more interesting to look for the big picture not just a puzzle piece. Everything is very simple that nothing really is, it can never be. We all lie, we all have hidden agendas, we all try to be a puppeteer but most of us don’t have the means to that, but people with power can, so we need to look to the events the actions, listen to the words carefully of the powerful people then look beyond present & try probability. It is a fun game thinking, it keeps the brain warm and it is never boring and in a long run it can predict the pattern of an ongoing conspiracy. 

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