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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Time travel…!!! What a paradox…!!!

Time travel!!!  What a paradox!!!

Time, what a curious thing! We all have it, we all rush for it, we all lose it, it’s everywhere but time belongs to none. Time, as an idea dictates our daily lives, we find ourselves running from our past through our present to our uncertain future. Then what is time? A grand puppeteer? Time as a dimension is very fascinating to think about. Time travel intrigues all of us. There are so many tv shows and movies are about time travel, and they all have their own rules and explanation about the disastrous results about time travel and changing histories as we know it, creating paradoxes, different time lines, alternating universes. But still everything is or always will be very mind boggling.

OK let’s talk about scenarios, if I ever time traveled and then changed something very trivial in the past and returned to my own timeline, where I find things changed, like before I had a sister now a brother, or I have a twin sister. So then I must be in a different time line where a different me is living with a different life. So would be there two of us now? Because it is a different timeline, my timeline is where everything is still the same. So it’s very confusing isn’t it? If there is only me in this new timeline then would I have or acquire in given time two sets of memories, or would I lost the previous one when time would start to settle like a pudding.

And even I am in my present and traveled into the past and changed my future still its all in the past anyway right? Sounds crazy but my future is already someone else’s past. So whatever I did or doing its already happened so this was inevitable? The paradoxes are very confusing and interesting at the same time. Is there already time travelers from the future who are changing the history? We would not know, would we? Because we will remember only thing that happened and we could not have the memories of other time lines. So then we are all caged in our own timelines and alternative universes made by our choices in a fixed time, only the time travelers may notice the changes and may be could remember the before and after events.

So if we are not travelling through time, and if there are people who are then we cannot know about them or about the effects in the history for that matter because we are living in our own time line, we born live and die in it. In our own past present and future if the history and time changes then it will create a new timeline with new version of us or maybe without some of us, because we are what we choose so nothing is sure about our existence in different timelines and universes.

So we are stuck in our time bubble for our entire life, with our own choices our own dilemmas and with our own stories. Maybe there are other timelines and alternative universes where a different I is doing different things, maybe in some world I am a pilot, or a singer or a killer violinist, but it is all our speculations, imaginations. That is why we like talking about time travel maybe. Because it is full of possibilities. We like to think about a different life a different outcome of our choices. We learn from our mistakes or get hurt by them, but the idea of time travel gives us a hope however crazy that is, that maybe we can change our mistakes and write a new story a fresh one from the scratch. In our mind there are thousands of different time lines, we call them regrets and what ifs. So time is not a puppeteer or our master, time is nothing, but it is everything. We live in moments, we think, we act we suffer the consequences of a particular moment.  

It would never be anything else if I can never time travel. But if I can one day I sure would change many things, why not ?? There would be several different time lines as a result of my fiascoes, may the history change, for better or for worse, I would not care for any rules, rules are for a more boring timeline. Restrains never comes with power, this kind of power only attracts chaos, and chaos creates brilliant things.

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