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Friday, January 10, 2014

Just Mumbles…….

Just Mumbles…….

There was a dream, there was a voice there was someone living in the shadows living in the crowd, in millions but alone, in daylight but hidden, not mute but silent. That is the walking living dream of a dream. Everyone is a dream of someone else’s, some are broken, some are hidden some are angry some happy, some have dreams of their own. Words are words nothing more than that, but some are not just words they are lost emotions, love hate anything from the heart, they are now words, they depends on a voice, a voice that is hidden or sleeping or scared or just not that powerful to carry the words around, may be once they did now they are tired, or they just never got to carry any words and they are scared now, or just lazy. Words are waiting to have a voice, without the words no dream can survive, they cannot be expressed or realize they can get lost that way, lost in this universe where all small things are lost, no one to find no one to guide no one to love or hold. They are lost without voice with no words; they are broken dreams scattered feeling and lost hopes.

Some people mumble, crazy messy words throwing one after another without any concrete meaning, which is mumble that people do sometimes, when they feel lost they mumble, feel insecure they mumble feeling scared they mumble, or just don’t talk at all. In a complete silent in a surrounding of complete silence mumble is better than nothing. We need words, to express to speak of our mind but not in a murmur but in a clear voice with organized words and feelings, without any hesitation and doubt.

Wanting to get lost is normal, lost in this big huge universe is way normal than to be found. We all are lost looking our way to be found, with our dreams in our eyes our voice and with lots of words buried in our heart.

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