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Saturday, January 25, 2014

The real problem!!!

The real problem!!!

“There are so many real problems, the climate can wait!”

“My real life is in danger and you are asking me to control my carbon footprint!”

“I just want to have some fun, fire crackers are fun, stop lecturing me about pollution, party pooper!”

“Stop lecturing me even I change my habits then what I am just one person, what that going to change, nothing so leave me alone!”

“There are enough trees, in forests and parks, what we need are more multistory buildings and shopping malls!”

These are so common answers & reactions of people around us whenever we say anything about protecting nature or controlling the pollution, the “real problems” they say, economy, common disputes, rivalry & money are so much important than oxygen breathing and having a clean lung & a proper environment for living, people think they can live without trees but will die without a shopping mall. Having fun with firecrackers in festivals is more important than the life itself, more than clean air, good health. There is no logic no fear can stand against the petty desires, stupidity and a general urge for suicide.

“My life is safe, I don’t have to see anything, and it’s the problem of future generation”

Comments like these are very common, human instinct is living in the present, even we think about the future we just tend to think about our own recent future, the effects and results of our arrogance and stupidity, recklessness never make us think. It is just easy not to look; denial is a form of survival, a tool of avoiding stress. It is so curious how a nature lover and person with a common sense of the bond between nature and all animals get mock by general mass by the words like “tree hugger” “nature freak” “party pooper” “unrealistic” and other mockery. But they are realistic, but the number is very little comparing to the general population.

But the tragedy lies in the fact that the pollution, climate change the chemical poisoning is happening, some conscious minds are trying their best to change the mentality the present and through the future itself but most of the population either don’t know or don’t care, they are ready to accept death by polluted air, poisoned chemical food, and they are creating a hell for future generation, but the people who are scared, trying to live or change the evil of negative development are going end up with the same fate, their future generation will live in the same hell as the ignorant peoples’. This is sad. The result of general stupidity is disastrous.

Strong opinions are feared and get ignored because to have a strong opinion, a strong mind is necessary. Ignorance is bliss, it can make life easy and normal but it is avoiding reality, shutting your eyes to the big problems and living in a small circle is not living. Silent is good for avoiding a conflict or rivalry, but silence is very dangerous when we ignore our problems and the right of living a life fully in a clear and clean environment. Home is not just the building that we live in; we have only one home that is our beautiful earth that is where we live not just inside the four walls. If we can’t see that then it is the greatest tragedy of all of a missive proportion.

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