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Friday, February 14, 2014

Chaos Rising!!!

Chaos Rising!!!
Fundamental things don’t change that much, basic human nature, feelings, fears, curiosity was before, still is, & will be in the future. But in every age people fight over the changes, that happened once, going to happen anyway but the people are scared of change and fear of losing their power, do everything to stop the change. Chaos is important, there is a peace before and after a storm, but the characteristic is completely different. The peace before the storm is unnerving full of possibilities and hidden conflicts, confusion and fear, but the peace after the storm there is a final scene unveiled in front of everyone, the destruction the new hope the fear all gone. After losing everything old there is a new beginning. Starting something new is never easy, we can learn we can dream we can plan but getting up and doing something which can destroy everything that we know or change the surrounding in a drastic way is scary, even we feel that change is needed.

We want to live in peace, we need comfort stability and safety and to ensure that we often live in denial, we just turn our backs to everything faulty corrupt and bad, we just think that everything is just fine and anything new can destroy the peace the safety. In that way we built a fairytale life where we feel safe and secure, but that is the illusion, life is never safe, life is a journey and a traveler cannot settle, change is natural nothing can stand still forever. We have been in the rabbit hole of corruption, inequality, fear and greed in every age of human history. Revolution happened, people rose against the old and bring about the new structure and then a new problem a new hazard happened it is the cycle of life, the desire of our settling somewhere is always pushed us in the problems.

We bring about the change, have our revolution, lose many brilliant minds, we get inspired, we fight, we read, we sing, we walk, we see, and change happens. Then we try to relish that change, indulge & embrace it try to settle in new age new beliefs and before we realize the change also becomes a stagnant and stagnation is never good for evolution. In that way we are circulating in a same way the power struggle, the greed the violence all comes back and we start to dream about the change again we dream about a revolution and then we dream about the upcoming storm, it can be delayed, it can be ignored, but it can never be stopped, it is inevitable the revolution of mind and society, the revolution the awakening of realization is in our nature and it is on its way. 

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  1. Betterment of life is happening always either by a good deed or a bad deed, which ultimately a change indeed. So it's like a time travel to an unseen future. Who knows what? but we will keep moving till doom.. Nature of human.. So deeply writing thoughts.. :) Took some time to grab it. Good.