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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Time of be happy!!!

Time of be happy!!!

Sadness is like a melodious tune, without it life’s other charms really does not matter. Being sad after failing, being sad after the dream of my life moving little further away from me, tears in my eyes, the ache in my heart is a normal reaction of my mind after not getting something that I want or better to say need to be happy. But I need that to be more focused and motivated, I need the pain to fully enjoy the warmth of the happiness that is going to come. Being sad is like closing the eyes for a second, only darkness but in real there is light all around. Today I was sad may be still little is, little disappointed, talked to some people close to me, shared my pain talked about my failure of that day. Some encouraged me some advised me to move on to a new goal a new option; instead of inspiring me some of them want me to compromise.

What hurts more, the pain of the failure, or the regret of giving up the dream? I think regret surpasses pain every day, for me giving up compromising is not an option, it’s an end to everything positive or everything possible. Every day I wake up in the morning being me, with some dreams, but giving them means waking up being something else, looking in mirror and seeing just a shadow. Trying to get closer to my dreams is the reasons I wake up every morning, without that living don’t matter. I can sad, I can cry, I can vulnerable, scared even little tired but still these things are a process a journey towards my dreams, giving them up means choosing a different destination, I can be late, or can end up halfway in the middle, but still that is my destination, my road, my journey to take. I choose sadness, tears over regret and quitting. I am sad today but I will be happy, I am feeling better this moment as I am typing my feelings. It is always better to share, better is talking even to myself. The sad moment is going to pass and a happy time will come with success as it had been before it’s all about timing, and I am alive and time is with me soon happiness will be with me too. 

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