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Monday, September 15, 2014

Life & Death!!!!!

Life & Death!!

“Death” one of the most discussed, feared, intriguing subject of all time, we humans who have power of thinking, from the mere beginning we talk about death one way or another. We fear it, we dread it, some people even get overcurious about it, some even worship it, but whatever we do we just wait for it consciously or unconsciously and one day it comes knocking on the door. But it is same for any other animal or living thing on this earth. Ever stars die, so why we waste so many time thinking about something inevitable. On the other hand we all born, live, we have a life, but we don’t care much about it, we take our life for granted and fear death.

There is man I know, live in a safe house, I mean literally safe house that he built for himself, no sharp objects, no dust, nothing merely dangerous because he has a phobia about dying. He is so afraid of death that he had two strokes already. So what is he actually doing by living in fear? He is killing his life, he is allowing the fear to poison his mind and he is wasting his precious life every day.  

What is scary about death? Sometime in the morning while sunrise, if I am awake (that doesn’t happen so often) the beauty of the morning the brightness, the sweetness in the breeze, the smell of flowers, the clear sky makes me so happy, but the thought of leaving all these things behind one day makes me sad too, I love life, love this earth everything around me so leaving all these and go somewhere completely unknown or just ceased to exist doesn’t seem fare. Human being don’t like unknown things, that is why we all try to find answers all the time, to get a clear idea, but we don’t have any clear idea about death. Religions trued to help by giving some answers but there are no definite one, all of them are just depends on faith not on facts that is why we are all scared of the mere idea of leaving everything we know we love everything that we are behind, and move on to something completely new, or simply just vanish in this universe.

Immortality is a subject that we often fantasized about, but even there we put an end somehow. Every moment of this life that I have, breathing in & out, thinking, living, dreading, stress, happiness, sorrow, anger, love, care all of it is very important because it can end any second, that we all know, the smile on face of our loved ones, the smell of my favorite flower, the sound of rain everything is so much special because we are not immortal. We are part of this universe, that is changing and growing but we come & we leave, we born & we die, both of them are miracle in a way. Without sadness there never can be happiness, without tears there’s no need of a smile, without hate we don’t feel love, so without death there is no life. It’s like a wonderful journey & every journey starts somewhere & it must end. We just don’t know where we are going that’s all.

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