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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Song of my heart!!

Song of my heart!!
The feelings the emotions running and playing inside the mind is a very complicated composition of life. Like a concert going on forever, since the moment of first knowing oneself, never stops, just changes and ups and downs in the tune. But that is what it is, a part of being alive, being awake, that tune is the only thing that making this life a nice one. The happy tones the melancholy ones the sad ant sweet notes, the love tone, everything is making this a life, more than a living organism. Closing the eyes the heart can go millions of miles away and can feel thousands of feeling inside, all of this because we are alive, not only physically but mentally as well.

But the tunes stumbles, fade away sometimes, with so many noises around the music of heart can easily be ignored, and with time it can totally be veiled. This happens with life too, some memories with a person can stay in a same manner but the person changes or become invisible, the feelings of that moment stands still till the last breath, that is the beauty of a moment, a perfect beautiful complete moment, like a perfect note in a music composition. The feeling of knowing someone is so unreal that everyone knows that in their heart still like to believe that they know. In a crowd still mind feels alone or sometimes being alone can feel so complete.

All is like a game of mind, the hide and seeks the beliefs and trust the minds connecting and disconnecting and the moments creating a memory all like violin music. The heart makes everything so simple that anyone can feel that they belong somewhere but the time never belongs to anyone. With a sudden incident everything known can be change forever, the feelings can go far away or change into a different theme. But still the ups and down of the notes of the music of life seems so sweet perfect, sad melancholy, and warm.

The song plays no more,
Hiding in other noises for so long,
Broken notes scattered all over the
Floor, waiting still, to be one again
A single song, once more to be heard,
Once more to be finished, the ending..
The ending is fading away……
More and more each day
Still I can hear the song of my heart….

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