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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Broken wings!!!!

Broken wings!!

It was an invitation really, from a friend to visit their home for a surprise. So I visited, it was a surprise marriage anniversary gift for my friend from her husband, a collection of little colorful birds in a nice high price cage. I am not Tarzan or Mogli to read that bird’s mind or understand them,but they looked sad, and yes I was surprised but it was not a good kind of surprise for me. it was painful  as I know that it is not supported by law to keep pet birds, but it is not rare in today’s society. It is kind of a show off or playing god kind of thing. The couple was celebrating their marital bond by destroying the natural bond of a free bird from an open sky.

Birds, are the most exquisite and tremendous creation of nature, which are able to enjoy the big nice open sky so beautifully and naturally. Spreading their colorful wings the can make this sky look alive. But seeing them in a small cage in an apartment is nothing sweet or awesome or nice, it was gloomy, dark, painful and selfish. We don’t have wings, we are not able to fly so normally we need technology for that, yeas we have opposable thumbs and evolved brain and a conscious mind but that does not make us god or decider of fate for lesser animals, as a matter of facts who can say they are lesser, they are like that they are living breathing animals, that upon who we don’t or we should not have any rights whatsoever. But we have power so we don’t think or care, only for our amusement some psychotic people still killing animals, destroying regardless of any consequences, our own ecology for fun and games and for money. We are keeping a free magnificent symbol ultimate freedom in cages, what is it? Superiority complex? Or god complex? Or just narcissism?

I was kind of irritating to them with my own views and sympathy, but it was worth it, those birds represented several bad diseases that we facing today in our society  cruelty, lack of freedom of mind or speech, hatred selfishness and many more. It is a symbol of our insecurity that we need to torture lesser animals to make us feel worthwhile feel happy, we like to own them, like to play with them cause it reflects our control or grip on their life, in a clueless world that we live this little act of cruelty makes us fate makers for a little while. I know after a period of time those birds will forget to fly in wild and live and breed in wind they will be prisoner forever the next generation will born in captivity, they will lost their will to fly free, but still those little marble like eyes will look to the sky and scream for no reason, the wings of their mind will be broken.

But in reality who is really loosing something? The illusion the cruelty the selfish rationalism will hurt whom the most?  Are we really making the lives of those birds measurable?  Or they only represent the broken wings of our hopes and humanity? It is a question that scares me most in the dark…….

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