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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Lost things!!!

Lost things!!!

Some things are meant to be lost, an umbrella is a very useful and loyal companion in rainy and hot sunny days, but me on the other hand is an awful acquaintance, always leave with it but most of the time forget to return with it. Poor umbrella or poor countless umbrellas over the years, left home with me then I don’t know with whom those returned to which destinations, may be some needy guy took one of them, or may be some commercial minded nomadic business man sold them to a better person who really can take care of them, or may be some of them still there where I left them once, waiting for me to give me shade on a rainy day.

I had a red bright umbrella when I was in primary school, it was a beautiful umbrella, among all the black and sad ones it was an eye catcher but I never looked at it with admiration it was an commodity that my mother used to make me use it, I loved rain so it was only a barrier between me and my sweet rain. So I always kind of hated it, it was the first one that I lost. One day I came home without it and did not even miss it. The funniest thing about a lost thing is after losing it we admire what we had, so after losing my bright red umbrella for a very long time no other umbrella was good enough for me, I just wanted that one back but it was lost or I left it and forget about it, so it was more like a forgotten thing than a lost one.

After that I loose so many umbrellas till now that I have even lost my count. I try not to lost them but somehow how much I try I just leave them behind, once after I returned home I went to look for one and find it but sadly after someday I loosed it again. I still don’t like the idea of having an umbrella because I just love rain but a person cannot enjoy rain every time, there are rules and fear of getting sick all those obstacles are just summed up in one thing an umbrella. May be that is the reason why I leave behind my umbrella unknowingly even, maybe I just want to leave behind all the things that holding me back to do what I really want to do, it is may be metaphor of life.

Every rainy or hot sunny day I just carry my umbrella out with me consciously, with that I carry all the burdens responsibilities and unwritten rules with me, may be losing them is a reminder from my subconscious mind to be rebellious, it reminds me how it feels to feel raindrops on my face without fearing the consequences, sometime this feel liberating, doing something totally crazy live in the moment. Though every action has its own unique results, still those few moments are surly worth little cold.

We all need our umbrellas for hot days and rainy days, just like we all need rules and boundaries, still sometime leaving them behind even for a moment can be fun, it is not a mistake of our mind it is just a childish gesture of our heart to remind us about the childhood feelings of being care free and having fun, live without worries. Something are meant to be lost just to realize what are we actually losing in the long run and take a little break to miss it admire it and then moving on.

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