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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Winning to lose!!!!

Winning to lose!!!!

Winning is a funny idea, we all are passionate about winning, but is it a better thing than losing? I know this question may sound completely bizarre, how can anyone think that winning may be sometime is worse than losing? The question is not that winning is all bad all the time, but sometime it seems that winning can spoil many things at once. Failure is known as pillar of success; determine people do their best till the last moment to win and not to fail. Every bit of failure pushes them to work harder by the day, though failure can destroy some people’s confidence but that differs man to man. Just like the goodness the charm of winning can affect different man in a different manner.  Winning a battle or winning the war what is more important? If the little winnings of life affect someone so deeply that make them ignorant overconfident and lazy then the war is already been lost.

I saw many people treat one win as a world domination, one win in this huge life seem to them like they achieved everything and then just don’t want anything else. Their work stops and they just be finished like that. In that case how can winning be good? Win in a game celebrate advertise be popular then just don’t care to be a better player and just get vanish after a little time, not enough dedication left to be a legend or even a steady player, every one of us can find some names of players that got invisible after one winning or so, is that what one can really want? One winning?

What is wrong in a good long go, with some winnings some failures life full of all kind of experiences and hard work? I think the excitement of getting something after a long struggle is priceless, just like after a hot scorching day a rainy and windy evening, the fun in that is really something. Failure is nothing but some obstacles of life which is going to eventually fade away; failure is a lesson or an experiment to a right formula of life after plenty of them the right answer is going to come sooner or later.

Life never stops, time never stops why should we stop in the count of winnings or failures, moving on and doing the work we want to do is what matters the most, all the definitions, rules and expectations are useless, there is no winning and losing in this life only a journey full of new experiences and new stories, we should hold on to us the real us not let it lost in the little things that is there to distract us from real things in life.

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