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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Love or s….!!!

Love or s….!!!

Being a virgin can be pretty crazy for some people, one of my friends dedicated her whole college and university life about sex and that stuff, plutonic love was never in her mind, it was all how it may feel, kind of questions all the time. My another friend was an experienced one and she try to answer her, and many of us just liked to avoid her as much as possible. One vacation I spend enjoying my cousin’s marriage and had a blast with her, after that vacation I tried my best to avoid my curious friend as much as possible but she cornered ma for the juicy details of my cousin’s personal life, it was pretty awkward for me and I can still see the excitement in her eyes, but I disappointed her with the normal fun details of the marriage ceremony’s family version but nothing else.

Now she is married, it was a quite first procedure within 15 days the groom was selected and marriage happened, I asked her that does she love him or even like him that much to marry him in a hurry or I missed any affair happened with him before all this, but according to her he was an agreeable man with good family and money and he was a boy so what else she need, she was extremely excited to be married but it sounded more like that she is more excited to lost her virginity then having a pure and sacred loving married life. Now this was the time that she did not have to ask anyone about anything. For me it was weird that she can marry someone without knowing the person well first.

After a month I talked to her and she was pretty ecstatic and telling me how much she and her husband is doing it and it was fun and I should get married soon too, the season she gave me was rather funny to me. For me love is the only reason can be for marriage I want to grow old and spend my whole life with someone that I love dearly not just want to have fun with him, a deeper connection should be there otherwise after some time the fun will be boring and no mystery will be left to make the relationship interesting. But still it was a funny to see how one physical thing dictated her life decisions just like that.

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