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Friday, December 14, 2012

Love me or Hate me !!!

JLove me or Hate me J

Remember the story about the couple and the donkey and the people complaining about their every move? I guess it’s a story of everyone’s life, whatever we may say whatever we may do but some group of people is always going to complain no matter what. Even the people close like family, different mind judge differently but funny part they judge, why? Why not let it be? Every person is different than other we may like them or love them or can hate them but why we try to change them? Why not accept them as they are and have a nice life, I think in every person in some point want to let go but can’t, may be it is in the nature.

When I was a child I loved and liked every member of my family as a little person could, but getting to know those persons separately and individually divided them into groups, favorite ones, likable ones, good friend like  and those with whom just formal relation survived, all of these things happened because I grew up to be different person and some people were compatible some were extremely opposite, the opinion the mind set the beliefs and lifestyle choices actually chooses the people close to us with whom we can feel free, feel ourselves, no formality needed there.

I always thought the blood relation is supreme, the connection is may be like magic, but grown up me do not believe that, it’s not the matter of blood only word that matters is relation, the trust, communication and love that is magic, real care and feelings that makes a relationship strong and meaningful. Sometime the blood relation can feel so far way that someone can’t even calculate the feelings right.

So what to do? Why keep fake and unreal relationships alive just for everyone’s opinion and rules? Why not choose the relationships that the heart desires and supports? It is so simple, no middle way keep the relations real, no lies no fake talks, no pretend cares, just the truth, only two ways there Love me or Hate me ;-) 

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