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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Is it forgiveness or just simply being coward?

Is it forgiveness or just simply being coward?

Forgiveness is way better than revenge or violence, may be it is true, confrontation is always bad, violence only ends with violence. But there is a limit of forgiveness, even a mythical god lord Krishna forgives 100 sins then he like to punish the sinner, we are no god simple human being how easy or OK for us to forgive? Little things may be, but what about disgusting acts of monster like person every day that we read or watch on newspaper or on TV, then why forgive those horrible actions? Punishment should have been solution for some action, the example should set for future, or the news or papers will not stop showing us the ugly and horrible face of today’s society.

One single incident, the destruction of one girl’s precious life can set back our whole country many years backward, because of some animal, why half of our population will live in home and in fear and shame like sheep and lambs? where is the solution of that shame? Nowhere actually, the fire the truth the wise minds are gone from our society, the cowards and sick peoples all around, some do those ugly acts some witness them in silence, both are equally deserve severe punishment, only then the animals can be chained.

No one born monster, the society the norms the illiteracy creates them nourished them, like the mosquitoes grows and breeds in stagnant water, the darkness of the mind still exists, how much we like to ignore that, but the incidents the disgusting cruel action sometimes just points out those dark elements, so clearly that we even cannot look into the mirror, still after some time we forget we forgive ourselves and move on, move on living the same life neglecting ignoring the dark allies and the creatures like those, but again one attack again one roar from those ignored forgiven places we wake up shivering to sleep again like we often forget our nightmares,  but every time we sleep we lose a life we lose a dream we lose little bit of us in the process.

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