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Monday, April 29, 2013

Thinking like Crazy

Thinking like crazy

Thinking is the only thing that I can do however I want, whatever I want to think I can in my head without any one disturbing me, no intruder in my head, no rules no boundaries only my mind and my thoughts. Thinking is very important part of me, every time I am not doing any work I start to think, crazy thoughts, deep thoughts, silly little thoughts anything, my mind never rests that way, like I will stop thinking when I am dead, before that no stopping there. Why what when how all these questions circling in my head night & day, new things, old knowledge, understanding of this nature, human behavior, life, reasons all kind of questions are there, looking for answers and screaming to me to find them soon. That is thinking right? The thrust of knowledge, wanting to know the universe once & for all, thinking never stops.

What is important in life? It is a crazy question, we all know living, getting a job a family, be successful and rich, be happy is important, right? Why the questions exist universally in the minds of millions of people? We made a list of things that we need to be important in life to look forward, to make life easy and worthwhile, but we made all the rules, is that make all the so called important things worthless? What is the reason of our existence? Why we are here? This kind of silly questions come to my mind in the dreams, in the night, even when I am listening my favorite music, and I don’t know the answers, I don’t know anybody who knows the answer, I don’t believe in miracles and magic all I have scientific mind, no stories is good enough for me, I need proof and imagination at the same time.

So the thinking goes on & on, like a crazy person, but sometime admitting to these crazy thoughts helps a lot, it keeps my mind still, information’s intact and helps to process my mind more clearly.

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  1. these metaphysical questions surely makes a person think. try reading philosophy, you would get a direction to random thoughts. but its good to think!!