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Friday, May 17, 2013

That little “STUPID” cat!!

That little “STUPID” cat!!

I never been a cat person, always considered myself as a dog person more or less, always wanted to have pets, but my baba told me and still tells me over & over again that at the end the hurting of losing a pet is so much that I can never could have handle that, & I never really believed that. One day like nothing special a cat family came to our home, it’s like a stray cat family mama cat, papa cat and two adorable little kittens, they always used to come during the lunch time at the beginning, and we used to leave a amount of food for them in a place and they used to eat together, the kittens were too small to eat solid foods they were so depended on their mother. After someday the mama cat and two kittens started to spend the whole day in the garden in front of our home, playing chasing each other, climbing on trees, they were so full of life and me and my family used to look at them and smile, it was fun to watch them playing like that. The kittens were getting used to us, first they kept their distances, but slowly they started to come close and started to play with us.

But after some time, the little kittens were still so small and vulnerable, had been left alone by their mama cat & papa cat, the two little kittens were in our garden and backyard looking for food but they could not eat just fish and solid foods, we tried to feed them milk but they did not eat that, but they eat little portion of rice mix with milk and they used to eat very little, days were passing by, the little one among the both of them were getting weak, eat less lying on the floor of the garden in sunlight, it was winter then, they were both so alone just for each other, the little one stop eating we tried everything even tried to put food in his mouth but nothing, in the meantime a new kitten came to the territory, chubby little cat, she was more lively then that two little brothers, but they became friends and started to play together, three of them, became a family of their own, in the meantime one of the brothers the big one( not that big ) bigger than the smallest, started to get close to our family, try to play with us, roll over on our foot, look up and do the kitten face, it spend more time with me and my father then other two. Still they were free cats, we gave them food every day and they stay and play all day and leave in nights where we don’t know.

In that time I made a mistake, a mistake of naming them, I personalized them, the chubby little kitten Mini, the little one Auti, and the play full brother Stupid, because he was kind of stupid, never were able to find food on his own, I had to stand with him while eating or he would leave the food and follow me, I had to make a separate spot for him, because he was a slow eater. One day the little Auti came to our garden with a large spot of blue paint on his leg, it was so horrible to think someone will throw chemical color on him, I could not help him to clean his leg cause he was not that friendly and extremely afraid of the water, the little one was getting weaker by the day one day he disappeared never came back. I could see that Stupid was sad and alone without his brother, and Mini was there, she played with him and took care of him.

They lived happily for a period of time, and without noticing the Stupid became a member of my family, started to sleep on a chair in our porch, always looking for an excuse to get inside the rooms, when I used to study  he used to come and quietly sat in front of me and sit still for hours. I thought he can understand our language somewhat, whenever I called, he used to come running and start rolling over like a dog in front of me and look at me. He used to follow my father whenever he go outside.

I never was a cat person, and never believed that it will hurt this much after witnessing Stupid’s death like this. I had to write this, this pain is so real that I need to write, I know with time it will fade away and I will not miss that little cat this much but now it is hard to look around, we never thought he became so important to us. For some days he was sick, some animal, dog or cat may scratched him, he became weak and thin and so lifeless, I had to fed him milk forcefully sometime, he was in pain and looking to me and calling me, his little body was hurting, and I could not do anything, where I live there is  no animal shelter, or no place for animal treatment, here people don’t get sometime good treatment, so even we were human still so helpless, yesterday he just slept on that chair eat nothing just water, in night cried like a human and this morning I had to see his lifeless little body.

It was so painful for me witnessing my little buddy suffer like that and today he is nowhere. He was more like a dog than cat weird, smart and stupid in the same time little scared cat I don’t know where is his little brother alive or not but I hope this little guy will get a better life next time if he has nine lives this one should be the worst and only should get better next 8 times. I know my pain will go away I will be busy with my life and may be one day I will forget all about this little cat, that is why I needed to write these words, it is hurting me so much, but Stupid should be remembered like this once, he deserve this, I am missing him today so bad, and believing the words of my father that losing a pet hurts very much, but still I am happy to know that he felt safe in my home and the pain worth that, now I know I am not only dog person I am kind of a person who cries when any friend levees. 

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