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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bad day with injured heart!

Bad day with injured heart!
Some days are plain old bad, like today, I was shopping groceries, walking down the street, it was a charming morning, everyone seems usually busy but suddenly I saw a cow, injured right in the leg, it was a pretty bad cut, the poor cow was walking with her three legs looking for food on the roadside. It was a heart breaking scene for me but the worst part I couldn’t do anything, it was a big good healthy cow and the injury was recent I guessed, no owner was nearby, there is no institution that could help voluntarily   a injured animal, I felt disgusting cause I am a human but could not even help a poor animal in need. It is a huge failure to me, since then I am trying to shake that nasty feeling but just that poor animal flashing in my mind. I know how pathetic it must sound, maybe I did not try something else, and I should have.

Road is not a place for animals roaming free, they should live in a secure shade or in a field not walking scavenging in the road side and eating garbage, plastics and papers, that is simply cruel. We Hindus worship cow as mother still keep them in a hell like situation, same with other animals too. The dogs, man’s best friends, but only the well bread dogs get a good life, but what about street dogs? No one give food to them they have to steel or snatch or just die of hunger but we could not care less. In my neighborhood there were some puppies no one adopted them, they always came in lunch time for food and we gave them, shared some food with them which they loved, shaking their tail looking in to our eyes seemed happy, I gave them names, they were weak and in very bad shape, it was winter so some of us built a shade for them, but they were not pets, so they used to live in the whole neighborhood area, I was out for one and a half month for study, after coming back they were gone, I looked for them they should be much bigger by that time but there were no sign of them, my father told me some people from our neighborhood poisoned them cause they were disturbing there sleep in night, it was horrendous for me, I guess now they are sleeping pretty well.
 This is the cruelty that really haunts me, what species do I belong, human beings suppose to take care of the lesser species should not they? We are the most intelligent species more evolved but did we really evolve to a good species? We just use to hunt defenseless animals just for fun and excitement still in this age many people do the same without any regret. There’s a saying that ‘great power comes with great responsibility’ we have great power but do we really fulfilling our proper responsibility? I did not today, I did nothing for that poor cow, couldn't do why I was helpless don’t really matters, I just did not do anything and maybe I will feel bad for this for a very long time ahead, writing this down may calm my mind little bit but really doing nothing injures my heart more than a real cut.

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