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Friday, September 28, 2012

With a vacant past!!!

With a vacant past!!!
Tradition strange word in some sense, for some people or foe even me it may means sometimes rules and restriction and the absence of freedom, why in this changing world I have to follow the past traditions? But sometimes it seems like only way to connect with our ancestors. Yesterday I was watching a program in or a documentary about the Italian bread makers family, from a very old times they are making breads and that is their tradition, grandpa to the next generation to the next and so on, the making comes easy to them like breathing that is the thing made me sad. My mother is a teacher my dad is a writer, my uncle work in bank; another uncle is a clerk and so on. The mobility in the works is there and also necessary for surviving in this hard economic conditions, beggars cannot be choosers right?

Means that, to survive we must do some job, any job that we can get out hands on, so how can we even think of tradition? What my ancestors did, I cannot follow because the world changed a lot, and I am without any tradition from my past. It is a shame really, that I know very little about my own family history, I am a sucker for history that is my forte, but still the history of my family I cannot reconstruct, I don’t have enough material to start, I don’t have any tradition left.

The bedtime stories from grandma grandpa, their memories heard by the little kids like sharing a lifetime sharing every experience and wisdom with the young generation, and like that story goes on, truth facts turned into folklore, and legends but somewhere in there the truth lives, like a treasure in the end of a clue chain. I never got chance to learn my family story from my grandpa from both sides, my family tradition lost with their last breath, I don’t even have the pictures, I can I the time when they lived did not have millions of cameras like today, maybe there were portraits of them but lost in time and turbulence.

The bread maker family, made me realizes that I learnt nothing from my ancestors I never had the tradition of my family, never knew them really, who were they? What sort of person? How was their life?  I know nothing, just living in present looking towards the future but with a vacant past a blurry past, how could a tree possibly touch the sky without the strong roots beneath the ground?

As I said before tradition is a complicated word, it’s not always mean chains, and rituals and restriction sometimes it is just only a way to connect with the past, without the time machine!! I don’t have that luxury, like my huge family lost in time my story the lives of my ancestors are also lost, I cannot do anything to change that, I will never know what was my family’s forte, how they started their lives. I know how human being evolved or the history throughout the age, from prehistory to proto- history, to ancient to modern but I don’t know the history of my own family, sound selfish in a bigger picture but what I can do man is a selfish animal after all. And here I stand all alone a new me with a new future ahead with no visible roots, just biological traits in the genes but no tradition.

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