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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

They came and they taught

They came and they taught

I was thinking about writing something, something about my teachers but it’s not that easy. I felt sad, happy, fortunate sometimes unfortunate, mix emotions all around. What should I write? What I am today, my teachers are responsible for that in a great manner. Some of them changed my view forever, inspired me, taught about real me, what I can do actually. But some of them just made me strong but the way of making me strong was not always positive but still even the negative influences also taught me many crucial things. We naturally can consider our parents as our first mentors, in life they just start teaching us molding us without even knowing, we learn what we see. My first teachers were my mom & dad (maa and baba). But as soon as I started school a new horizon unwrapped in front of me, new subjects new teachers all new experiences it was sort of like loads of instruction everyday in front of me rules and acts of being a civilized human being.

What should I write? I don’t only consider my school college or university teachers as my mentors, they were, but the people who came to my life, my friends, some just pretended to be friends, some companions best buddies of mine, all of them taught me somehow something, without even knowing it, but still I gained knowledge from those experiences bad or good, sad or happy all of them all of those memories made me what I am today, how I am now think, see the world react not just because of me and my mind, all of those memories influenced me to be like me today.

What should I write to day in “teacher’s day’’ not easy, some teachers just changed my mind by their unique personality, a teacher can inspire more than anyone, a young mind is always want to follow ideology, always ready to be inspire, to see new things but very few teachers can do so, I really feel obliged to the teachers who inspired me, showed me a new way of knowledge in a unconventional manner, and to those who just acted like salesmen and  made knowledge a good of auction they made me understand the difference between a true teacher and a trader, and also I feel indebted to the people who just came to my life and helped me understand helped me realize new things new emotions, new truth, may be some of them were ugly brutal truth still very much crucial for living in this world, some of them were nice touching and loving.

So they all were there to tech me, the teachers of my life made me good or bad crazy or unrealistic whatever I am they helped creating this, and I am grateful to all of them, the lessons were not always pleasant, there were tears and sobbing but today I can smile for those lessons. So today I really feeling nostalgic but excited about my future teachers what will they teach me? And how will they do that? How will they shape a new me it will be a interesting journey.

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