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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Crazy Talk!!!

Dream in a ……dream

It’s all a dream in a dream or its all nightmare in a nightmare I don’t know; depends on the subconscious mind of an unconscious person!! True enough, how a mad man would feel surrounded by all sane men? Or a sane man in a crazy world, strangely we all somehow know those feelings, or may be just I do sometimes, when I find all the people around me totally mad and sometimes it’s me acting like a crazy person. I always find it funny how the majority of people decide who’s who? I mean when a guy can be known as a mad man? What is the definition of sanity or insanity?  I am talking about day to day sanity or insanity not about the pure psychotic or crazy cases just normal day to day crazy.  
I mean what is wrong if I sing in a middle of a road if I am happy, all the classic movie characters do, so why I can’t in real life? Just enjoy the rain in my rooftop sometime shouting in joy, it is fun for some of us, just feel it but can’t really do those things it will be mad things to do. This is really sad not be able to do little funny sweet things which our heart wants, those little drops of joy is so far away from a common sane person. If it is all a dream then how come I can’t dream a dream of my dreams? Sounds crazy does not it? The power not in our hands really we are just playing along with all the rules codes and little stupid things, just not living in a full glory of this excellent life with this kind of a brain all busy in doing common possible things what a waste. Not able to do extraordinary glorious work with our mind is a nightmare living in a prison not using full potential is really a nightmare. Or is it???

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