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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Finally she came !!

Finally she came
Finally she came; of course it’s a she, what else it can be? All good things are a she isn’t it? The first language that we talk for the first time is mother language, the country in which we born is motherland, the nature that nourishes us & we destroying that apparently is also known as mother nature it’s all her, a women, a symbol of creation, symbol of internal power so why will it be any different so finally she came.

It was a hot day scorching in the daylight, the trees were grey and sad, the child from my neighborhood had a very bad mood, her little thin body was no match for the powerful voice that she possess and days like this can make it far more worst. In short it was a very bad hot day, and all the people facing that was having a bad mood all day. It was like the political atmosphere of my state, warm and unstable, all bad moody and dangerous, the day was like the life of today’s middle class men struggling low achieving life with an annoyed humor no brightness in it. There was wind, I mean day was quite windy but just to make it worse, the heat made the wind excruciating. Though all this happening still the people were busy in their day to day business, just feeling the terrible unbearable whether silently. Why would the express the pain it was not in their hand to change the nature, the ages of human action may have something to do with it but a single man in a fix time cannot do anything to change it what else could he don apart from suffering so it was silently passing a day a very hot and bad day.

Finally she came, every eye suddenly was staring in the sky where a patch of a little black cloud was growing slowly covering the rest of the sky, the sunlight was going weaker by the second, the wind was turning little bit bearable, all silent mind doing their jobs feeling the change but not saying anything or expressing anything, but still moods were changing. The clouds became stronger and stronger the winds were getting harsh from pleasant the day was becoming dark and finally one drop of shining water kissed the ground followed by millions of them, the dry soil was clammy in seconds the trees where brighter and greener the moods were changing but no one had time to rejoice but doing the jobs but may be not everyone some of them welcomed her welcomed the joyful calming rain into their hearts feeling the raindrops in the face they welcomed her.

This was the day like any other day when rain came and the day became nice and cold the mood of my neighborhood child was pleasant her voice seemed happy, I felt saved but still the uncertainty of the next day what the weather will be but for that day it was a surprise gift from nature and end of the day when all jobs were done everyone enjoyed the cool breeze, a happy ending for that day.

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