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Friday, August 31, 2012

Idea to Revolution!!!

Idea to Revolution
"The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall." 
-Che Guevara
Its true revolution comes when the people bring it, when they need it, when they crave for it, a revolution always comes. But when it will come here in my country? It’s a valid question as we all can see how much ready we are for that, we need a new beginning a new confidence a new energy, as all we left with is corruption, lies, dirty politics, greed, violence and a very low life standard for a huge part of people. The powerful people just working to be more powerful rich by exploiting common mass and becoming disgustingly rich, while the poor is crossing every limit of poverty, we all can feel a tingling feeling that a black plague  is surrounding us, corrupting our roots morality but we don’t have any voice left. The instinct of being alive, to just exist somehow making us weak, and we are losing our voice along the way.

Just being alive, getting a settle life with food on our plates, is enough for a common man, living is a struggle everyday; as we leave our home behind we leave safety we leave a secure feeling all we have is fear of being dead by an accident or a shooting gone wrong, the animals wearing the mask of a human is all around us they are growing by passing moment as the humanity dies silently on a side of a road by hunger. What it is that happening? We all can see but keeping our mouth shut, we are all becoming a part of a falling society. Where education becomes a field of business teachers acts like salesman when students act like masters of an educational institution what that create? What can it create? It creates this, this situation we all are living here, where cheating is a means of survival, disloyalty, and corruption is a real way of living then who will bring the revolution? The people? Which one? The group, that only knows violence and exploitation? Or the oppress group who don’t even have luxury to live properly securely? An Idea needs a strong mind to grow a nourished mind with clarity can bring an idea to life and an Idea, only an Idea can start a revolution.

Now question is not that, when we are going to bring our revolution a new beginning? but  it’s about who, which mind and when it will going to create an Idea that will grow like a jungle fire and bring a wanted needed revolution? No one knows that, even its not clear that we are in the proper time to witness a revolution, may be it will come after us, may be never, but first we need a voice, we need to strengthen our mind, first we need to dream about a new beginning only then in someone, somewhere will born an magnificent idea which will change our life forever. 

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