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Wednesday, August 15, 2012


The dream of Independence!!!!

Every independence day I get a mix feeling in my heart, am I proud or am I overly happy or am I little bit of both or just nothing at all or just numb?What should I feel then? 65 years ago we became the citizens of a free country, we earned or they gave us the right to rule our own country, since then we the Indians are shaping the character of our country and now by that journey which started from 1947 we are here 2012 in this India, this is what we achieved in 65 years. So have we done justice with our country in those 65 years?  May be yes this was what the freedom fighters, the youth of our past sacrificed their life for, or may be not! What was India they dreamt once? Why they gave their lives? For today’s India, for our freedom from the clutches of tyranny, oppression, torture, injustice for our existence and pride they just died every drop of blood from those brave souls still fresh in our soil, in our country’s heart.

The sacrifices once made for us for our beautiful country, for the pride, for the justice, help the sun rise everyday as a red ball of fire representing the dream of one prosperous country, they died smiling. They were smiling because they were dreaming about a country rising from the ashes of despair, slavery, oppression and becoming glorious and strong and solid by day. We shaped our country in those 65 years they were looking at us. The eyes of those great brave souls; who gave up their precious life to protect their motherland’s honor, dignity is still watching us. Now what bothers me every independence day is  that, do we make them proud? Are they still smiling? How should I feel tell me anyone please! proud happy or just numb!!!

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