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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Rules are meant to be broken not hearts!!!

Everywhere every time there is a rule to follow, some are here for many ages still we follow them, asking 'why?' is prohibited, don't ask why what how just follow them blindly that's the way of living. Some rules are in the society as the good behavior, if you follow them you are good otherwise you are bad you are the current subject of social gossip. Its really sad cause in the early stages of human history human beings decided to live in groups to be safe from other vicious animals and to fight the unknown and untamed world, but now we are trapped in  society and sometime it is dangerous for our own safety. 

But it is much more sad for women in our society everyone knows it, talks about it but nothing is changing really, its more like a mentality that needs to change, specially in women herself. many girls just say that men of the society making all the rules they are enslaving us we are not free, but its all depends on us, how can we feel free!! its actually a mind game that has been played itself for many years, girls believe that they are meant o be shy, sophisticated soft, understanding, its the rules that the mothers taught us when we are young, a women when teach a future generation to obey behave or just be slave to a opposite sex, or just neglect a daughter in front of her own brother then what will those two going to learn? the girl going to accept her lesser importance and the boy going to act like the owner, its the basic when someone don't act like a species but act like a gender.

Rules are still in the minds of women in our society, living freely do as heart wants, be free is impossible for a woman in our society, cause they don't believe that they can  break the rules, the gender movement what is happening now all around the country first should concentrate  upon the mind set of a mother, a mother only can make a good man or a good woman or to be fair a good human being with all their own unique personality, own specialties, this discrimination will stand as long as parents won't treat their own as a human child, not as a girl or a boy but a new life in earth with lots of new possibilities and dreams their own dreams their own believes, its not that everyone think straight but what freedom really means? its a choice that one can make for themselves it can be mistake or a success  but they are free to make them to learn from them. All the rules around us are just making us weak. What is wrong in living a happy creative life just to live??? nothing wrong in it but still, right and wrong depends on mind some basic right and wrong is same for everyone accept for sociopaths and psychopaths, but otherwise it should be a free world now for everyone, nothing is here forever not were the dinosaurs not the ice ages, not Roman empire not anything everything is mortal so the same goes with the stupid rules of the society they are meant to be broken.....


  1. Well said...
    A small suggestion (though there is no rules for this too) please take care of your blog design. It looks scattered. Happy Blogging

    Village Girl